"Writing is a form of art and as such ought to be aesthetically pleasing to both the eye and the ear." ~ K. Bradley
Whether it be a poem or a paragraph, an annual report or a press release, word must be placed upon word in a stable and structured way.  Whittling away the excess, a writer transforms a unit of information into something effective and efficient, and sometimes even something beautiful.  Here at KateyBWriting, we can help you with that process.  We can sculpt your information from start to finish, or merely take you by the hand, smoothing what you have already carved, assisting with the finishing touches that help you to speak your mind.  

The Weight of Words

Spoken words carry context and undercurrents felt by those involved in the conversation. Written words do not have that same luxury. Words in print cannot arch an eyebrow or knowingly smile. Sarcasm and irony are lost to the black and white of text on page. A message conveyed in print must be precisely worded, carefully crafted, specifically arranged.

Whether your desire is to wow an employer or woo a special someone, we can help you craft precisely the message you wish to convey. Select a category to the right to find out how we can help you with website content, creative writing, educational curriculum, or academic editing.